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All Purpose Spotting Gun


All purpose spotting gun. Standard slit nozzle spotting gun. Compatible with all spotting boards. Hose not included

Gun Adjustaform


Incorporating a inchLeak Eliminating inch aircraft instrument type valve. Can be used for all kinds of steam gun applicatgions. Steams out hard wrinkles on coats,overcoats and dresses while on form or hanger

Eliminink 16 Ounces Bottle


Our improved formula works quickly to remove ball point, fountain pen, duplicating, & felt tip inks safely from all colorfast, natural and synthetic fabrics. Can be used on delicate fabrics as well. You will like the way it sits on top of the fabric allowing you to manipulate it into the stain, breaking it down....

Cissell Type Gun


Deluxe Water Spray Gun will create a fine water mist  Made of tough Acetal plastic, nickelplated brass, nylon and Viton components  Chemical and impact resistant  Durable construction promotes long life  Lightweight, ergonomic shape eliminates operator fatigue  Preadjusted and operates on any pressure from 40 to 120 psi  Includes a brass screen to help prevent the...



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