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Brush 100 Horse Hair


Black horse hair, this brush is excellent for coat machines and as a whisk broom.

Pill Remover Set 1 Med 1 Course


Rakes off pills, fuzz balls, and tufts from knitwear, coats, cashmere etc. This tool really works! Will not damage the garment. Fine for carding many garments. Set consists of one medium, for general purpose and one coarse for heavier knits.

Pill Remover Refills


Refills for pill removers, -3 medium and 3 course. -Option of buying white or black only available 

Fabric Comb


Combs unsightly pills from woolens. Effectively and efficiently remove all pilling from garments prior or after the cleaning process. This product combines a brass cutting element firmly attached to a specifically moulded wood handle of attractive design.

Nap Brush #105


Fine Brass wire center with row of horse hair bristles on outside. Kiln dried rock maple block. Excellent for suede and other nap raising uses.

Suede Brush #960


Fine brass bristles. Our small scrubbing brush is excellent for cleaning shoes, carpet touchup, fabric cleaning dry and wet, electronics, and many other applications. Great for suede, rough outs and other nap raising uses.

Carding Brush #308


Popular size sweater and fur carder. Fine wire that easily takes the nap out of sweater and fur.  Wood handle.

Lint Chaser Brush #111


The Brush with the magic touch!!! Your magic wire lint brush gently and quickly whisks away lint, dandruff and stubborn dirt in clothes, drapes, upholstery, and gentle fabrics, Fine wire bristles give deep down cleaning with every stroke.

Texomatic Lint Brush


Rotating Head Fabric Lint Brush. Features the original Highly effective German fabric that picks up lint, dog hair and fuzz. Just press the button to brush in reverse direction.

Wet Cleaning Brush #725


For Wet cleaning, Collar and Cuff scrubbing. Natural Tampico Bristles.  -7 3/4 x 2 1/8 x 1 1/2 trim, Wood handle

Corduroy Nap Brush


Restores nap on corduroy. Short stiff bristles.

Whisk Broom


Top grade corn with double sewn construction. Use for lint removal. 9" Long 



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