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Chain Hanger


Our very popular chain type adjustable garment holder. Just press the lever to any height. Die cast zinc with aluminum tubing. Chrome beaded chain. Use at spotting boards, ironing boards and presses.

Reel Hanger


The adjustable garment holder that really lends a hand at the press machine, silk finishing board, spotting board, and repair dept. Keep garments off the floor and wrinkle free. Spring loaded reel with strong monofilament cord. Just press lever to adjust to any height desired.

Rotating Shirt Station


This shirt station will surely speed up your shirt processing. Rotates smoothly and evenly. Holds up to 4 shirts.



Designed to accommodate 16" and 18" hangers and larger and smaller shirt collar sizes. This unit will help you increase productivity and your customers will appreciate a perfectly formed collar every time. Hanger bracket holds up to 18 hangers

Spider T


When you don't have room for a pants horse. This time saver makes old methods obsolete. The spider T  is designed to hang on the slick rail as needed by the press or spotting board. It will hold an enormous amount of pants and skirts by the buttonholes.

Reel Hanger No.2 Heavy Duty


This unit has a strong nylon cord with a 5 1/2 ft. extension. Use to hang clothes while pressing or spotting, can also be used as a tool balancer. Large snap rings for ease of hanging and hanger hook placement. Easy sliding lock. Heavy Duty, made for years of use.



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