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This iron can be used with any type of steam generator. Great for hard to reach areas and shirt pocket finishing. Built in Thermostat is preset at optimum temperature. Steel plate version (brush version also available). Needs to be connected to steam source with solenoid valve


From $194.67

ACA1000 Steam Electric Iron with Water Spray Gun -Monobloc Sole Plate with a 800 W built-in heating element.-Thermostat with two integrated Safety Thermal Fuses engineered to meet industry standards. -Heat Shield -Available in 110 V and 220V to meet any worldwide requirement. -Weight 3 lbs -Requires connection to a steam source. -Iron Shoe # IS1000


From $149.00

ACA1000 Steam-Electric irons have a cast aluminum alloy sole plate that features a built-in heating element and internal honeycomb design. Drill patterns allow for maximum steam performance at the touch of the electric thumb switch. The grips are made from molded cork for cool comfort. The irons also features a thermal fuse to prevent overheating...

All Steam Iron Hose. PTFE with Stainless Steel Reinforced 6 1/5 Foot


Safe because it's reinforced with stainless steel braid over PTFE tube then covered with Dacron overbraid. TH1 includes fitting to attach to cissell and other steam electric irons. For use on steam electric irons & steam guns and water spray guns. 6 1/2 ft long

Rotating Shirt Station


This shirt station will surely speed up your shirt processing. Rotates smoothly and evenly. Holds up to 4 shirts.


From $98.00

The Tulipano Steam-Electric iron has a monobloc aluminum sole plate with anti-calcium deposit filters to ensure only steam travels through the base. The sole plate also has built-in 800 W armored heating element and is controlled with a snap-action thermostat with integrated thermofuse to prevent overheating. Electrical connections are fully insulated from heat and steam....

All Steam Iron Hose For All All-Steam Irons, 6 1/5 Foot


Safe because it's reinforced with stainless steel braid over PTFE tube then covered with Dacron overbraid. For use on ALL STEAM Irons 6 1/2 ft long



Steam Valve Set


Replacement Steam Valve Set for TFL-420P

Exit Valve Set


Replacement Exit Valve Set for TFL-420P

All Steam Iron Kit


Ready to go All Steam Iron kit TFL-420 -All Steam Iron -2 P.T.F.E hoses -2 Steam hose sleeve -Iron shoe #42 -Iron rest

Seam and Pocket All Steam Iron


MSP - 210 Iron Narrow base plate allows for easy and efficient  touch up of seams and shirt pockets



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