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Pill Remover Refills


Refills for pill removers, -3 medium and 3 course. -Option of buying white or black only available 

Pill Remover Set 1 Med 1 Course


Rakes off pills, fuzz balls, and tufts from knitwear, coats, cashmere etc. This tool really works! Will not damage the garment. Fine for carding many garments. Set consists of one medium, for general purpose and one coarse for heavier knits.

Lint Chaser Brush #111


The Brush with the magic touch!!! Your magic wire lint brush gently and quickly whisks away lint, dandruff and stubborn dirt in clothes, drapes, upholstery, and gentle fabrics, Fine wire bristles give deep down cleaning with every stroke.

Pill Remover Refill - White, Pack of 6


Refills for Newhouse Specialty Pill Remover. Pack of 6 in white.

Texomatic Lint Brush


Rotating Head Fabric Lint Brush. Features the original Highly effective German fabric that picks up lint, dog hair and fuzz. Just press the button to brush in reverse direction.

Industrial Fabric Shaver


6 Shave Blades will get the job done quick and efficient. 2 hour charge battery for 100 min of run time. Adjust to 3 shave hole heights for different types of fabric.

Commercial Lint Roller


12 Rolls one metal handle. 60 sheets per roll 4” x 6” each.      Extra stick to remove  lint and hair faster. Use on any garment and upholstery

Pill Remover Refill - Black, Pack of 6


Refills for Newhouse Specialty Pill Remover. Pack of 6 in white.



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