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Laundry Marking Pen One Dozen


The ink in our pens is what makes them so superior. The brass container assures  a long shelf life. The KD7 ink won't wash, bleach, or dry-clean out. In use all over the world. Non toxic and meets state requirements. Delivers the best results possible. 12 Pens per box 

Newhouse Water Spray Gun


This is the original LITTLE GIANT!  Operates on any pressure from 40 to 150 lbs. without adjustment. Non corrosive. Non drip. 1/8" female.  Made in the USA 

Brush #37 White Nylon


2 3/8 inch x 1 inch head, total length is 9 inches. Medium size all purpose spotting brush with curved handle. White

GRAFTEX Marking Pen One Dozen


A general duty pen with high quality indelible ink. Precision ball point writing instrument. Ink withstands dry cleaning, won't fade in laundering or bleaching procedures. 12 Pens per box 

Brush #21 White Nylon


1 3/8 inch x 3/4 inch head, total length is 8 inches. Small and lightweight. Excellent as a touch up brush. White nylon

Brush #21 Black Nylon


1 3/8 inch x 3/4 inch head, total length is 8 inches. Small and lightweight. Excellent as a touch up brush. Black Nylon

Cissell Type Gun, Hose W/Flex Spring

From $55.95

GUN Deluxe Water Spray Gun Made of tough Acetal plastic, nickelplated brass, nylon and Viton components  Chemical and impact resistant  Durable construction promotes long life  Lightweight, ergonomic shape eliminates operator fatigue  Preadjusted and operates on any pressure from 40 to 120 psi  Includes a brass screen to help prevent the gun from clogging  Emits a...

Pill Remover Refills


Refills for pill removers, -3 medium and 3 course. -Option of buying white or black only available 

Eliminink Ink Remover


Our improved formula works quickly to remove ball point, fountain pen, duplicating, & felt tip inks safely from all colorfast, natural and synthetic fabrics. Can be used on delicate fabrics as well. You will like the way it sits on top of the fabric allowing you to manipulate it into the stain, breaking it down....

Lo Boy Brass/PTFESeat


Brass / P.T.F.E Seat for Cissell Lo Bow

Plunger Casing Assembly for Cissell Low-Boy


-For Cissell Lo- Boy -Cissell part # SV22

Brush #72 White Nylon


2 15/16 inch x 1 5/8 inch head, total length is 10 inches. One of the most popular. Useful spatula end. Well balanced and sized.  White nylon



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